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Once the court requests for quantification of losses due to any type of tort, wrongful termination, infringement of copyright, professional malpractice, breach of fiduciary duties and more, it is essential to quantify the damages and economic losses. In such cases, forensic accounting expertise can be extremely valuable if engaged at the early stage of the trial for litigation support services.

As a seasoned forensic accountant, we examine every aspect based on skill set and the experience of handling such claims in legal context. Our method of analysis largely depends on the examination of all the minute details. We use tried and tested method that require a special set of skills to carry out the computation. However, beyond the technical expertise, additional reflection in the form of forensic skepticism and consideration of elements which have exaggerated the claim have proved to be very useful.

With high level of accuracy and logical assessment of losses, we have not only benefited our numerous clients especially in the cases of business interruption losses sustained due to flood, fire and machine breakdown, breach of contract, trespassing during construction and development, infringement of copyright and defamation of business rivals but have also helped reach an early out of court settlements.We have experience of working with well-established law firms in South East Asia and our expert’s testimony has been well-accepted and referred in Court’s judgement in several cases with appreciation.

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