Forensic Due Diligence
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During the acquisition of an existing business, a basic financial due diligence may not be sufficient in all the situations and one may warrant a forensic due diligence with wider and deeper probe. In addition, our due diligence includes investigative elements as accounting shenanigans are becoming common in Asia based on the frequency of accounting and governance related breaches which have recently been reported.

Conventional auditors may fail to detect such intentional misrepresentation as their focus is not to detect the manipulation of numbers but to provide an assurance. Moreover, intentional fraud is mostly well planned and concealed to ensure that it is not detected through normal audit procedure. Hence, it is important to ascertain that the results are free from any possible deceptive operating results. Our micro level analysis, in-depth examination and investigative techniques have helped a number of our clients to avoid post takeover surprises and disputed escrow accounts.

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