Digital Forensics
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As the name implies, digital forensic experts re-construct and analyse digital information to aid in investigations and solve computer-related crimes. Our experts, after imaging, manage to extract all necessary evidences which were deleted or hidden through key word searches. They also look into incidents of hacking, trace sources of computer attacks, and recover lost or stolen data. In the current digital age, the possibilities of misusing technology to hide evidence is rising at a phenomenal rate. Nowadays 90% of an organization’s information is stored on computers, it is vulnerable and a deviant mind can always take advantage once fully acquainted with the system.

Digital evidence is fragile and can be easily tampered with, thus securing the evidence of crime, should be one of the foremost concerns of any organization. Courts now accept digital evidence and the cyber expert’s testimony, the efficiency and diligence of the expert are of immense value to establish certain facts. At Alliance IFA, we provide only the best to detect discrepancies, recovery of deleted data and retrieval of lost or stolen data and ensure it is not contaminated to be induced as an evidence. Various gadgets and tools has enabled us to extract evidence from any storage device, including mobiles and data stored in cloud.

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